The following pages are intended to provide an insight into the people and lifestyles of the ancestors of "our" family.
We are Don and Gail Amesbury and the following pages, I hope, will illustrate not just the names and bare dates of the men and women who played a part in our past, but help to demonstrate the hardships and obstacles that they had to overcome to make the lives of their children and grandchildren richer and more comfortable.
I sincerely hope that you will find the results of my labor to be interesting and informative.
If you have corrections or additions or relevant photographs to add to my story I would love to hear from you.

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My ancestors were in the area of Mangotsfield, North East of Bristol during the seventeenth and eighteenth century where most of the men worked in the coal mines or stone quarries. Their name is shown as AMSBURY and AMESBURY.
As the coal industry declined in Gloucestershire, some moved North to Dudley in the Midlands and changed their name to AINSBURY.
Others moved to South Wales where mining was thriving.

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